Getting away is the best feeling, we see so many of our customers telling us of their adventures, we share their experiences.

n dire need of a getaway but can’t seem to find the time? Weekend holidays are the perfect way to travel without any of the serious commitment.

If timed correctly, you won’t even need to take out any of your leave!

April is a beautiful time of year- the temperatures start to lower, the days get a little shorter but best of all: public holidays.

Anzac day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Labour day all occur on Fridays and Mondays this year, providing the perfect opportunity to plan your long weekend escape.

The Easter weekend is a great opportunity to squeeze in a four day getaway; accommodations will often offer discounts and deals in this period too.

Weekend getaways can be an affordable option, too.

They’re also a great way to unwind from the stresses of every day life.

Another bonus, for those with children or dependants- weekend getaway’s don’t interfere with schooling.

Not only that, but as we spring out of our Covid recovery plan- multiple state governments are offering incentives and vouchers to get people travelling again.