Pre-Travel Safety Checklist

Embarking on an adventure with your Euro Caravan or Camper requires meticulous preparation, and a comprehensive pre-travel safety checklist is your roadmap to a secure and enjoyable journey. Leverage our extensive guide to cover all the essential areas before hitting the road.



  1. Vehicle’s Roadworthiness: Before venturing into the great outdoors, schedule a thorough service for your towing vehicle. This preventative measure ensures that potential issues are addressed, reducing the risk of breakdowns in remote areas.

  2. Towing Suitability: Familiarise yourself with your vehicle’s towing limits and employ ball weight scales to check the ball weight. This step guarantees a safe and balanced connection between your caravan and towing vehicle.

  3. Tyre Maintenance: Inflate all tyres, including the spare, to the recommended pressure for towing conditions. This small yet crucial step enhances overall safety and efficiency during your journey.



  1. Coupling and Safety Chains: Confirm that the coupling is securely fastened to your tow vehicle, and inspect the safety chains for both condition and proper attachment to the drawbar and towing vehicle.

  2. Brake Away Cables and Handbrake: Connect Brake Away cables (if fitted) to the designated anchor point on your tow vehicle. Ensure that the handbrake engages and releases smoothly, remaining disengaged before setting off.

  3. Wiring and Lights: Inspect towbar wiring insulation and ensure a clean plug and socket connection. Verify the functionality of all lights, including brakes, indicators, reverse, parking lights, side lights, and the number plate.

  4. Tyre and Equipment Check: Assess the condition and pressure of the caravan tyres, confirming the presence and tightness of all wheel nuts. Check the battery, brakes, jockey wheel, spare tyre, stabiliser legs, water tank, and gas bottles (if fitted) for optimum readiness.

  5. Secure Load and Remove Connections: Safeguard tools, accessories, awnings, and aerials by securing them properly. Disconnect the 240V mains to ensure a smooth transition from stationary to mobile.



  1. Secure Interior Items: Prioritise safety inside the caravan by securing or stowing away items prone to breakage or causing a mess during travel.

  2. Safety Equipment Check: Confirm the presence and condition of the fire extinguisher. Ensure that the fridge door is securely closed, and all cupboards, drawers, and doors are safely secured.

  3. Weight Limit and Windows: Verify that stored items inside the caravan do not exceed the recommended weight limit. Close any open windows to prepare for potential rain or dust during the journey.

  4. Electrical Systems and Utilities: Confirm the functionality of both 240V and 12V electrics. Turn off the 12 volt battery if it is not required to power the fridge whilst in motion.

  5. Bathroom Facilities: Check the operation of the toilet, and make sure the toilet cassette is emptied and stocked with necessary chemicals.



Pack a well-equipped toolbox, including:

  • Jack
  • Wheel brace
  • Wheel chocks
  • Tyre blocks
  • Shifter


SAFETY FIRST: Prioritise safety throughout your journey by utilising our detailed caravan safety checklist. Safe travels await as you venture into the open road, well-prepared and confident in your Euro Caravan.