Solar Blanket 120W


120W Solar Blanket with MPPT Solar Controller is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your battery charged up at camp. It folds out in seconds and takes less than a minute to hook up thanks to the quick connect, Anderson compatible plugs!

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Solar Blanket 120W
Maximum Power Output
120 Watts
Open Dimensions
1540 x 510 x 5 mm
Closed Dimensions
510 x 400 x 40 mm
4.9 kg
1 Year
Comprehensive Kit
Includes the 120W Solar Blanket, 6m Solar Extension Lead, and the highly efficient MPPT Solar Regulator for a complete charging solution.
High Output
Capable of delivering up to 6.75A of charge, the monocrystalline Solar Cells output 120 Watts of power, ensuring rapid and efficient charging for your battery.
Durable Construction
The blanket is made from tough materials with sturdy stitching, featuring a built-in pocket for easy accessory storage, ensuring longevity and protection during storage.
Compact and Portable
Lightweight and easy to carry, the blanket is perfect for on-the-go adventures, providing a convenient power source wherever you roam.
6m Solar Extension Lead
Conductor Material
Multi-Strand Copper
Conductor Cross Sectional Area
Operating Temperature Range
Plug Type
Anderson-style Quick Connect
Plug Rating
MPPT Solar Regulator
Regulator Type
Maximum Power Point Tracking
131 × 99.5 × 29.5 mm
Regulator current rating
20A charge / discharge
12V or 24V systems
Maximum Regulator Voltage input
USB output
5V 1A