Euro Caravans Newsletter - January 2019

January Newsletter


Happy New Year from the Team at Euro Caravans! We hope you have been enjoying your summer break, and enjoying the great outdoors.

For the first newsletter of the new year, we have wanted to share with your some helpful tips to ensure you are making the most of your Euro Caravan, so our Featured Product is our caravan cover to protect the longevity of your caravan, we have shared a ‘how to’ video request from a customer, and for those who are dreaming of becoming full-time nomads, we shared our article on ways you can finance your nomadic dream 🙂

Remember, we have lots of news and information to share with you every week, so make sure you follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any exciting announcements!

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter…and happy travels to you all!

Featured Product – Caravan Cover

While we are all still enjoying the summer holidays and touring around in our Euro Caravan, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead for the moment you unhook your caravan from your car and it waits patiently for the next adventure.

To protect and care for your caravan during its ‘down-time’, we have had our caravan covers specially designed and manufactured to protect your Hobby and Glider (as well as the old Sunseeker models) from the extreme weather conditions that we face here in Australia.

They have been manufactured using a composite of two materials comprising a water resistant roof section for maximum protection, weather resistant breathable side panels which allows the cover to breathe and moisture to evaporate resisting rot and mildew.

Check out the specs on this handy extra here, and contact us if you have any questions. You can also place an order directly via our online shop!


How to Finance Life as a Full-Time Nomad

During your summer break, many of you have had the taste of living life as a nomad, and perhaps you would like 2019 to be the year you make your dream a reality and become a full-time nomad.

Just imagine, you are on the road, traveling around the country, exploring all your favourite destinations…and there are no responsibilities or limitations that can stop you. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

However, there is one thing that can hold people back from living as a full-time nomad, and that is working out how to finance this lifestyle.

We hope our article on “How to Finance Life as a Full-Time Nomad” will help make your dream a reality!

Handbooks & Guidelines

Would you like some towing tips for your Euro Caravan?

Or not sure how to set up your caravan once you have arrived at your destination?

Euro Caravans are available to answer any of your questions, but if you find yourself needing guidance out of office hours, visit our Handbooks & Guidelines page where you will be able to find tips and downloadable manuals for your caravan.

Customer ‘how-to’ requests

We recently had a request for a ‘how to’ video to be created to demonstrate how to set up the water pump, so this week our staff shot the below short video to share with this customer, and our whole community. For those unsure of how to set up the water pump, we hope you find this video helpful:

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Do you have a request for a ‘how to’ video to be created to make your Euro Caravan easier to set up or use? Send an email to marketing@carlight.com.au and our team will get to work on it!

Upcoming Trade Shows

Newcastle Camping and Holiday Expo
Dates: 7-10 February 2019
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showground, Broadmeadow NSW
Site: 253

Illawarra Caravan Camping 4WD & Fish Show
Dates: February 15-17
Venue: Kembla Grange Racecourse, Kembla Grange NSW
Site: 58-61

NSW Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow
Dates: 30 April-5 May 2019
Where: Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Rosehill NSW
Site: TBA

Hunter Valley Caravan Camping 4WD Fish & Boat Show
Dates: May 24-26
Venue: Maitland Showground, Blomfield Street, South Maitland NSW 2320
Site: TBA

Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Show
Dates: June 21-23
Venue: Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Broadmeadow NSW
Site: OA215

Hawkesbury Caravan Camping 4WD Fish & Boat Show
Dates: 6-8 September 2019
Where: Hawkesbury Showground, Clarendon NSW
Site: 29 & 30

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Rear Brake Light – Euro Caravans


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Taillight Cover – Right Hand Side


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Door Lock Assembly – Inside Lock Only


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Knob and bolt for Cupboard Doors


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Wheel Chock Holder for Caravan


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Brake Shoe Set for Axle/Drum Assemblage


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