Limited only by your imagination!

The beauty of owning your own caravan is being able to let your imagination run wild and to transform it so your caravan is perfect for your needs and it suits your personality.

A couple of our Euro Caravans customers have sent us through some of their wonderful twists and modifications.

Jan sent us some pictures with her interior design project for her Euro Caravan: “I now have my bed made up permanently as well as a seat either side. I took the original covers off and made new ones after taking them to Clark Rubber to cut each cushion in two (4 large bits for the bed and 4 smaller bits for the seats) and I think it looks fantastic. My son is altering the table so it will fold in half and sit on the bed and fold out when I want to use it and slide under the bed at night. It is now so roomy inside.”


Here’s another customer going Retro in Brisbane!