Insurers reward fibreglass caravan owners

When choosing the right caravan for you, there are lots of things to consider. One of the big items which have been up for a lot of debate is whether to pick a fibreglass or aluminium caravan.

Euro Caravans and its manufacturers have researched and tested this topic at great lengths, and have realised that for Australian conditions, fibreglass comes out on top as it is a resistant material that is known to withstand events such as hailstorms, leaving minimal damage. Small dents and scratches are often easy to repair, and fibreglass is also relatively easy to clean.

We aren’t the only ones who have realised this, and insurance companies in Australia are starting to respond by offering a discount on their premiums to owners of all-fibreglass caravans.

Why fibreglass caravans are getting the nod

Fibreglass caravans have a greater impact resistance. A small bump that will make a dent in aluminium can leave fibreglass unscathed. A good example of this is hail damage, which may pockmark an aluminium roof but is likely to leave fibreglass damaged.

Fibreglass’s ability to wrap around corners can greatly strengthen the caravan and mounting points for shaped tank inlets, lights, and window reveals can all be built into the mould. A fibreglass built caravan removes the need for many of the fittings and heavy corner bracing found in aluminium caravans.

Because of the lack of joints, there is minimal impact from loads exerted on rough and bump roads. A single piece fibreglass mould, bolted to the chassis, provides a reduced risk of joints separating (even by a fraction of a millimetre) and allowing water to run through the caravan.

When caravans are made out of fibreglass, this also largely increases the ability for the designers and manufacturers to improve its shape for greater aerodynamics, and therefore stability on the road and fuel efficiency.

Maximise the benefit of your Euro Caravan

Euro Caravans has had a long and successful association with CIL Insurance, who offer an automatic 10% discount on their premiums for all Euro Caravan models. Quote reference number 048387176 when you are discussing your policy options with them.