Where are the caravans manufactured? 

Euro Caravans are originally designed and crafted in Poland, ensuring the highest quality and innovative features. While primarily sold in the UK and Germany, all our caravans meet stringent Australian standards. 


Are the caravans converted to left-hand drive?

Yes, all Euro Caravans are equipped with entry doors on the left-hand side to adhere to the Australian road regulations.


How do European caravans fare in Australian conditions? 

The Australian national vehicle safety standards have in fact been adopted to harmonise with the international regulations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). So many of the Australian standards are met, and met with higher scrutiny, because they are manufactured and homologated in Europe. Australian weather conditions do not see the extremes in weather that are present in Europe, so they are often better insulated. European caravans are typical of touring caravans and are not designed to be taken on 4WD only roads.


Where are your dealerships located?  

We are currently located in NSW. You can view our dealership location here. We also regularly exhibit at Trade Shows around Australia. You can view our Trade Show Schedule here.


How can I get my caravan delivered if I live interstate?

We can arrange interstate delivery through trusted shipping companies or provide paperwork for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) for pickup at our premises.


Do we offer finance?

Yes, Euro Caravans provides financing options. Learn more on our Finance page.


Does a Euro Caravan come with a warranty?  

Absolutely, all our caravans come with a 12-month warranty. For more details, visit our Warranty page.


Do you offer a longer warranty period? 

Yes, we offer extended warranty for up to an additional 5 years. To ensure your peace of mind, we are partnered up with Integrity and AWN for optimal Extended Warranty services


Do you do trade-ins? Our business doesn’t cater for trade-ins at the moment.


Do Euro Caravans require a licensed technician for service? 

Our workshop and authorised repairers in Sydney can handle servicing. Alternatively, Euro Caravans can be serviced by any reputable caravan service centre.Servicing is standardised across all caravan companies in Australia, and usually similar terms apply. You can see our warranty terms and conditions here.


How can I order spare parts or get a quote?

Spare parts can be ordered through our Parts Store.


What is the caravan a standard height off the ground? 

The height off the ground varies between the models but is sufficient for all sealed roads.


Can Euro Caravans accommodate two people?

Yes, all our caravans have space for a minimum of two people.


What is the difference between Euro Caravan models; Glider compared to the Hobby?

Main differences lie in size and weight, with the Hobby being larger. Detailed specifications can be found on our website.


Where is the bed located in Euro Caravans?  

Detailed bed locations can be found on individual model pages on our site or in our latest Brochure.


What are the bed measurements in my caravan? 

The bed measurements are recorded in detail at the specification section under each model on the website. Here’s a quick summary; however, please note that these measurements are only estimations and are subject to change depending on the year of production.

  • Euro Glider 3 Berth Large Bed 188cm x 126cm (Distance Between Lounge Seats 65.5cm)

  • Euro Glider 3 Berth Single Bed 188cm x 50cm (Distance Between 63cm)

  • Euro Glider Double Bed 188cm x 126cm (Distance Between 65.5cm)

  • Euro Hobby 3 Berth Large Bed 195cm x 130cm (Distance Between 73cm)

  • Euro Hobby 3 Berth Single Bed 193cm x 65cm (Distance Between 73cm)

  • Euro Hobby Double Bed 195cm x 130cm (Distance Between 72cm)

  • Euro Hobby Twin King bed 182cm x 195cm (Distance Between 73cm)

  • Euro Hobby Twin Single Beds 182cm x 64cm (Distance Between 73cm)


Are single beds possible on Euro Caravans?

Yes, this is available on our Hobby Twin Single model.


Is a toilet/shower possible in Euro Caravans?

Yes, you can select to have the toilet and shower included in either of our models of caravans, both the Glider and the Hobby.


What does the bathroom package include? 

The ‘bathroom package’ includes various amenities – most importantly the toilet and shower; details can be found in the specifications of each model on our website.


Can modifications be made to the internal configuration of the caravan after delivery? 

Yes, modifications can be made through local caravan repair companies. Check our Newspage for related articles.


Are air-conditioning, solar, and TV/ antenna possible on Euro Caravans? 

Yes, these options are available as extras. Explore them on our Optional Extras page.


Is there space for a small microwave?

There is space for a small microwave to be placed on the bench top or possibly in one of the cupboards.


Are Euro Caravans lightweight and easy to tow? 

Yes, with a base weight starting from 600 kgs, Euro Caravans can be towed by almost every car on the road.


Do Euro Caravans require sway bars? 

No, Euro Caravans are equipped with AL-KO anti-jerk coupling system, minimising sway when loaded correctly.

To prevent sway, the caravan must be loaded correctly by packing the heavier items towards the floor and towards the front of the caravan. The tow-ball downforce should be approximately 10% of the overall weight of the caravan.


Can Euro Caravans be towed at freeway speeds?

Yes, they can be driven up to 100 km/hr with correct loading and tire pressure. This is the speed limit in Australia. 

Note: Please note that it is important to allow for the driving conditions, ensuring that you ‘reduce speed’ when driving on rough sealed roads, in high wind areas or cross winds; also in wet conditions.


Is there a recommended tire pressure for Euro Caravans? 

The recommended tire pressure is provided on the compliance plate for the caravan. It will depend on the type of tyres and is based on the max loading weight of the caravan.


Are there any wind rating specs for caravans as there are for housing? 

Regarding the wind, it is important to note that our Euro Caravans are much shorter than traditional sized caravans and therefore have much less wind resistance. The Euro Caravans are also fitted with AL-KO independent suspension systems that are designed for maximum stability on the road. And with a lowered centre of gravity, and a low GVM, they are more efficient and safer to tow than larger vans (particularly when it comes to stopping distance in an emergency).


What is the tow ball weight of your caravans?

Our caravans have a tow ball weight starting from only 40kgs (loading dependent). Please refer to the Brochure for actual weights, as they differ from model to model.


Is it okay to carry luggage or other items in my caravan? 

Yes, but do not exceed the maximum loaded weight (known as ATM or GTM). Ensure any additional load added to your van is evenly arranged and items are packed to restrict movement while travelling (and restrained where possible). Place heavy objects over the axle/wheels and empty the water tanks to reduce weight.


How much water can Euro Caravans carry?

Water carrying capacity varies, with most models having a capacity of 35 litres. Bathroom-equipped models come with an additional 5-litre hot-water system.

Please contact your sales agent for the latest model specifications as these can change from time-to-time.


How much water does the hot water tank hold, and how long does it take to heat up?

The Thetford hot water tank holds 5 litres and takes anywhere from 1 to 50 minutes to heat.


Does this fridge come with adjustable shelving?

Yes, the fridge features adjustable shelving, allowing you to customise the internal configuration based on your storage needs.


How efficient is the energy consumption of this fridge?

The fridge is compressor type, designed with energy efficiency in mind, providing reliable cooling while minimising power consumption.


Is the fridge equipped with a temperature control feature?

Yes, the fridge comes with temperature control settings, allowing you to adjust the internal temperature to suit your cooling preferences.


Can I run the fridge on a solar power system?

Yes, the fridge is compatible with being run through a solar power system. Check the product specifications or contact the manufacturer for the correct setup details.


Are Euro Caravans wired for 240v?  

Yes, the caravans are wired for 240v.


How can I power my caravan and charge my battery when 240v is not available?

Utilise a solar power unit, such as a Solar Blanket. Recommended options are available on our website.


What could cause the battery in my caravan to discharge?

Leaving 12v appliances on or a lack of power/charge. Check connections and ensure the power unit is plugged in and switched on.

Check the relevant power connections and ensure the on-board power unit (transformer) is plugged into the power point and switched on. You can also check that the fuse on the battery positive lead is not blown.


What does the power unit (charger) in my caravan do?

It converts 240v power to 12v for lights, pumps, fridge and USB sockets. The unit also provides a set charge to the battery when connected to 240v power.


Can you install solar panels, an Anderson plug, and a lithium battery? 

Yes, our team can assist with providing these options; details can be found on our Optional Extras page or by Contacting Us.


What kind of brakes are on Euro Caravans? Will I need electric brakes fitted to my car?  

Euro Caravans have an override/inertia braking system, making electric brakes unnecessary. Because the Euro Caravans are under 2,000kgs, they do not require electric brakes to be fitted to your car under Australian law.


How do the brakes on my caravan work?

AL-KO override/inertia brakes function by detecting the deceleration of the towing vehicle, activating a sliding mechanism within the tow coupling that generates braking force, subsequently applying the caravan or trailer brakes to synchronise with the towing vehicle’s action.


What kind of suspension system does Euro Caravans use? 

Euro Caravans use the AL-KO rubber torsion suspension (IRS) system, a state-of-the-art independent suspension technology. The rubber elements in the suspension provide improved shock absorption and damping characteristics, which enhances the caravan’s ability to handle varying road conditions, contributing to overall towing comfort and safety.