Euro Hobby 3 Berth

Euro Hobby


Double Bed with Seating Area

The Euro Hobby 3 Berth is not only lightweight but also easily towable by virtually every car on the road, thanks to its compact design. This makes it the ideal companion for even the longest journeys.

Despite its small dimensions, the Euro Hobby comfortably accommodates up to 3 people and offers all the comfort and luxuries you desire in a small caravan. What’s more, its body is constructed from fiberglass using a GRP assembly method, ensuring ultimate longevity and durability.

Standard & Bonus Inclusions

  • Double Bed and Single Bed
  • Front & Rear Opening Windows
  • Blinds & Fly Screens
  • Shelves with LED Lighting
  • Sink with Tap & 12v Pump
  • Adjustable Stabiliser Legs x 4
  • AL-KO Independent Suspension
  • Opening Skylight Vent
  • Internal Mattress
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Front Storage Box
  • Fridge Freezer
  • Battery & 12v Charger
  • Cooker / Hotplate
  • 240v Power & Power Points
  • Spare Wheel & Holder

Take A Look Inside

The Euro Hobby 3 Berth caravan has large opening windows at either end of the caravan to give you that outdoor feeling. Lightweight and easy to tow, this caravan is able to accomodate 6 people at the tables. In night configuration the tables can be set up as beds, sleeping 2 people and 1 person on each side. The kitchen comes with a full size sink and ample powerpoints to plug in your appliances. This Hobby model caravan has a full hanging closet, storage under the seats and a lockage front storage box. Travel light and travel far with Australia's most popular small caravan.

Lightweight European Caravan

Made from GRP fibreglass in Poland, sustainably sourced plywood from Sweden and fully hot dipped galvanised chassis made in Italy. Our appliances are manufactured by reputable suppliers including Thetford, Truma and Dometic. Our products provide the quality and reliability that our customers need to travel long distances, whilst enjoying all the luxurious comforts that you come to expect in a new caravan.

Euro Hobby Features


A centrally located kitchen give you access to all the modern features of a new caravan. There is a full size sink and large fridge that are easily accessible from both ends of the caravan. Whether you are entertaining in the large 4 seated table area, or just enjoying your own company in the 2 seated table area - the fridge, stove and tap are right there ready to provide your next beverage.


Enjoy the best of the outdoors by opening the large windows to give you that feeling of living outside, whilst still being able to enjoy the interior luxuries of your brand new caravan. The single seating area is ideal for a permanent seating area, with the option to drop the table and turn it into a bed at night. The other side of the caravan includes a seating area for 4 people, which in most cases can be left permanently as a bed. Almost double bed sized - sleep in comfort and wake up to the sounds of nature by opening the large window in the above the bed area first thing in the morning.


Ask your insurance company about a discount for a full fibreglass caravan. Hail resistant and water tight, enjoy the longevity of a durable 25 year life span. GRP fibreglass is easy to repair and maintain, extremely strong, lightweight and well insulated. The fully hot dipped galvanised chassis, drawbar and stabiliser legs give you the rust resistance required to travel along Australia’s vast coast line. Add in the lightweight marine plywood cabinetry and advance AL-KO coupling assembly with anti-jerk braking mechanism to travel safely and in style to your next destination.


Powered by a 100Ah deep cycle AGM battery to run your lights, water pump, USB charging sockets and fridge. Additional Anderson plugs and cigarette lighter points are included to quickly and easily connect extra appliances, or to change your battery with an optional solar blanket. The master isolation switch allows you to turn off all the 12V power in your caravan for storage, and a high quality Dometic AC-DC charging system is used to keep your battery charged to its optimum capacity when you have mains power connected. Upgrade to lithium batteries to reduce your weight further or increase the capacity of your 12V power system.


Please note that the measurements below are only approximations and are subject to change.


Exterior Length
4.50 m
Exterior Width
2.05 m
Exterior Height
2.56 m
Occupants Capacity
Full Setup Time
5 min


Front Storage Boot
Internal Under Seat Storage
Internal Utility Draws
Cutlery Drawer x 1
Internal Utility Cupboard


GRP Fibreglass
Fully Galvanized Drawbar
Fully Galvanized Chassis
AL-KO Coupling Assembly
ADR Compliant Safety Chain
Included with Gas Strut
Shock Absorbers
Included x 2
Security 185R14C
Steel Rims
Spare Wheel
Full Size Spare Included
Stabilizer Legs
x 4
Skylight Roof Vent 400x400 mm
Caravan Style Double Glazed
Window in Ensuite
Not Included

Camping Comfort

Internal Kitchen
Induction Cooker
Included with Glass Sink Cover
Internal Taps
Sink Tap
65L 12V Fridge + Freezer
Water Tank
35L Inbuilt
Water Pump
12V Included
Hot Water System
Not Included
Double Bed
195 x 130 cm
Lounge Seat
61 x 130 cm
Distance Between Lounge Seats
73 cm
Single Bed
193 x 65 cm
TV System
21.5 Inch (Optional)
Air Conditioner
Not Included
Not Included
2.6 m (Optional)


Hot Dipped Galvanised (Australian Version)
Hot Dipped Galvanised
Steel Galvanised
GRP Fibreglass
AL-KO Independent Rubber Suspension
AL-KO Drum Brakes
Jockey Wheel
7.5 Inch Adjustable
AL-KO Coupling 90S
7 Pin Flat
650 kg
900 kg
Ball Weight
45 kg (Depending on Loading)

Electrical Systems

12V Power System
1x100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery
Battery Management System
12v 15Amp Battery Charger
240V Power Input
Double Pole 240V Sockets
x 3
12V Cigi Socket Internal
x 2 (Located on Battery Box)
USB Port Internal
x 2
External Awning Light
120W (Optional)
Smoke Detector
LED Lighting
  • Kitchenette ( Cooker/Hotplate + sink)
  • Fridge / Freezer
  • Spare wheel and holder
  • Large bed (D:130x197cm S: 65x197cm)

Standard equipment:

  • GRP water-tight construction
  • Galvanized chassis
  • AL-KO axle
  • AL-KO override brakes
  • Furnishings
  • Wall Cabinets
  • Mattresses
  • Power Supply
  • AL-KO shock absorbers
  • Winter insulation
  • Dometic refrigerator 12V
  • Cooker/Hotplate
  • Double glazed windows, front and rear
  • Double blind front and rear
  • Spare wheel with holder
  • 3rd brake light
  • Awning light

Air conditioner : option

Annex : option

Kitchen corner:

  • Sink, stainless steel
  • Cooker/Hotplate
  • 65 ltr. Compressor 12V

Living area:

  • A wardrobe closet and 2 small cupboards, plus 10 overhead cupboards
  • Two collapsible tables that convert into a roomy double bed and a single bed
  • Seating area includes space for 6 people at the tables
  • 4 windows, 3 of which open
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Skylight


The mattresses are made from high quality polyurethane foam with a fashionable fabric design to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment. The conversion of the table into a bed requires little effort.


The Euro Hobby is impressive not only for its low total weight of only 660 kg, but also because it can be pulled by any small car. The low overall weight and sleek shape of the caravan mean that it reduces the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle.

Despite its small dimensions it is able to comfortably accommodate up to 3 people. The body is made of fibreglass using a GRP assembly method for ultimate longevity. This model of the Hobby series inspires  adventurous people in particular and those in the market looking to downsize.

Exterior Length
4.50 m
Exterior Width
2.05 m
Exterior Height
2.56 m
Occupants Capacity
Full Setup Time
5 min
Euro Hobby 3 Berth
Euro Hobby

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