Caravan Safety Checklist

At Euro Caravans, we prioritise the safety of you, your loved ones, and fellow road users. Towing a caravan requires extra considerations, and our enhanced caravan safety checklist is designed to ensure a secure and relaxed holiday experience.


Even with regular maintenance, conduct an additional check on your caravan and towing vehicle before and during your journey.

  • 1. Prioritise the maintenance of your towing vehicle, monitoring oil levels, water, brakes, rear-view mirrors, and the battery. When in doubt, seek professional advice from a mechanic.
  • 2. Tyres play a crucial role when towing; refer to the manufacturer’s handbook for recommended towing tyre pressure and conduct regular checks.
  • 3. Include monitoring the caravan’s brakes as part of your safety routine, recognising that they tend to run hotter than car brakes.


Protect against fire hazards by following these crucial guidelines.

  • 4. Disconnect all gas, electrical, and water connections in your caravan during travel.
  • 5. Adhere to legal requirements by fitting a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher, ensuring regular testing.
  • 6. Exercise caution when using a portable heater, keeping it away from furniture and utility fittings.
  • 7. Stay informed during travel by tuning in to local radio stations for emergency updates.


Implement security measures to safeguard your belongings and ensure peace of mind.

  • 8. Keep your caravan and car locked when away, whether for a quick lunch stop or an overnight stay at a caravan park.
  • 9. Consider installing a safe in your caravan for valuable items.
  • 10. Maintain up-to-date insurance coverage for your caravan and its contents.
  • 11. Secure all items within the caravan during transit, including closing the fridge door, sealing cupboards, windows, doors, and locking away the awning.
  • 12. Safely store the jockey wheel, either locked in position or securely packed in the car or caravan.


Enhance your towing and driving safety with these expert tips.

  • 13. If lacking confidence in your towing skills, consider caravan towing lessons.
  • 14. Check the coupling connection, 7 pin plug and safety chain before departing, including at every stop.
  • 15. Practice safe driving habits, pull over in designated areas for overtaking, and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
  • 16. Make safety your top priority by conducting a pre-travel safety check before every trip.

Your Euro Caravan adventure is designed for enjoyment, and adhering to these safety guidelines ensures a journey filled with memories, free from unnecessary concerns. Safe travels!