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Are you an avid adventurer with a deep love for camping and caravanning? We invite you to participate in our exciting Memoirs Blog Competition.

Express your enthusiasm by writing a captivating blog post about one of the fantastic topics listed below, for a chance to win a fantastic $300 fuel card!

At Euro Caravans, we’re passionate about exploring the great outdoors and creating unforgettable memories on the road. We believe that every adventure deserves to be celebrated and shared. That’s why we’re eager to hear all about your experiences, insights, and stories in our blog competition.

Follow the steps below to enter!

Competition Guidelines

Choose from the following topics to showcase your love for adventure, camping, and caravanning:

  1. The Ultimate Camping Destination: Uncover hidden gems and share your favourite camping spots.
  2. Caravanning Tips and Tricks: Share your wisdom on how to make the most of your caravan journeys.
  3. Memorable Adventures: Tell us about an unforgettable adventure you had while camping or caravanning.
  4. Personalising Your Home on Wheels: Showcase your ultimate tips to customising your caravans for optimal comfort and functionality. You can share interior design ideas, storage solutions, and modifications.
  5. Tips for Camping And/Or Caravanning with Your Furry Friends: Provide advice on traveling with pets in caravans or on general camping trips. you can cover topics such as pet-friendly campgrounds, safety precautions, and essential supplies for pets on the road.
  6. Caravanning on a Budget: Share your strategies for enjoying affordable caravan trips. You can discuss budget-friendly campgrounds, energy-and-electricity-saving tips, meal planning, fuel-saving techniques, and other cost-cutting measures.

Your Blog must be at least 500 words and not exceed 800 words. So, let your creativity flow, paint vivid pictures with your storytelling, and captivate our readers with your unique experiences.

To enter the competition, simply submit your blog post below, alongside with any photos you want to feature on it. Our expert panel of judges will evaluate each entry based on creativity, originality, and overall impact. The winner will be awarded the coveted $300 fuel card, which can fuel your future escapades and adventures.

Please be aware that we will feature the winner’s blog on our website and social media platforms, so if you don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of your family or friends , then it’s better to stick to “just-words” blog or include more general photos of your caravan and the sceneries.

Entries close on Wednesday, 28th of June.

We wish you a Happy Writing!

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June 2023 Blog Competition
Write 500-800 words about one of the topics provided above!

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Maximum file size: 268.44MB

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