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Euro Caravans is a global manufacturer with over 50 years experience. Our Caravans are imported from Europe and are made with the highest quality materials, fixtures and appliances.

Euro Caravans is proudly run by an Australian family who have been selling trailers and parts since 2006. We offer a wide range of caravans and other trailer models, including parts. We provide servicing onsite for our caravans.

Innovation, quality and safety in the caravanning industry is our purpose, and our friendly team in Sydney are here to help you every step of the way.


Easy To Tow

Euro Caravans are extremely lightweight and are towable by virtually every car on the road. The lightweight materials and compact design make this caravan ideal for even the longest journeys.

Caravans Not Campers

Euro Caravans are ready to go, just open the door and you are ready to relax. All models include a double dinette, storage, lights/power, windows and seating that converts into very comfortable sleeping quarters.

Innovative Engineering

Its one-piece GRP body gives a phenomenal 25-year PLUS life expectancy. Built fully from polyester you are guaranteed maximum strength, durability and water resistance. We even provide a 5 year warranty on leaks after your first service.

Comfortable Interiors

The practical European fabrics are made in contrasting Macaroon and Latte designs, enabling an instant conversion of the interior seating colours based on your preference.

Fully complying with all Australia fire regulations, the mattress foam provides an ideal place for a good nights sleep or somewhere to relax during the day.

Quality Appliances

Enjoy all the luxuries of the best quality fittings and appliances available. This compact caravan is small to save you money, but travels with the best in comfort and reliability.

Fridge Freezer, induction cooktop and sink are fitted as standard in all caravans. These appliances come with service books and full manufacturer warranties.


We have over 50 years experience in building caravans and last year sold over 6000 caravans worldwide.


Our friendly staff in Sydney are available to help you however they can! Even our own customers are witnesses to our commitment.

Leslie Wee
Leslie Wee
11 July 2023
Good services & responses
jj mm
jj mm
30 May 2023
We are satisfied with Carlight services. They are patient and try the best to solve the issue for customers. Thank you for your help.
Lynne goff
Lynne goff
15 May 2023
John was very helpful! Answered all my questions and I would not hesitate in referring 'Euro Caravans" to my friends!
Zuiks Beams
Zuiks Beams
20 February 2023
Great business, I heard a lot about car light and all these reviews sound amazing.
Andrew Pilling
Andrew Pilling
8 February 2023
The live viewing is Worthwhile. Clear visibility and helpful
Chris K
Chris K
2 February 2023
Ideal purchases and quality merchandise for those on a strict budget
30 October 2022
Katrina is very responsive to enquiries and John is very knowledgeable with all Euro Caravans.


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